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Parque da Pena, Sintra

The Parque da Pena are the forested grounds that surround the beautiful Palacio Nacional da Pena. The park extends over the highest reaches of the Serra de Sintra, while the labyrinth of undulating paths provide pleasant walks through the shaded woodland. The 200 hectares of the park may simply appear as untended forest but the area was specifically designed by King Fernando II who wished the grounds to be a maze of romantic paths to enthrall his guests. This precise detail to create the perfect fantasy forest extends to the choice of plants and trees, which contains an abundance of exotic non-native Portuguese specie

s. Highlights of the Parque da Pena include the statue of King Fernando II overlooking his palace, the lush fern gardens and the southern view point with the wonderful views over the palace. The Parque da Pena is the ideal location to end a day in Sintra.

town hall of Sintra

The views of the Pena Palace rfom the Pena Park

Parque da Pena Tourist Information

The entrance fee to the Parque da Pena is €7.00 and this includes the terraces of the Pena Palace. The full ticket to the palace and the gardens costs €13.50. The grounds are open from 9:30-20:00 (Summer season) and 10:00-18:00 (winter season) with the last entrance an hour before closing time. The Pena Palace and the Parque da Pena are open seven days a week and this includes Monday when many Portuguese monuments are closed. There is a small motorised tram which takes visitors up to the palace while the only source of refreshments are in the palace café or by the ticket office.

Further Information about the Pena Park

The Parque da Pena and the Palacio Nacional da Pena were designed as one. It was envisaged that from the palace the visitors to the royal court would see a blanket of trees and these cover over 200 hectares. There are estimated to be over 2,000 different species of plants with in the boundaries of the park and such exotic species from New-Zealand and the south Americas. The park has several paths and sidewalks, gardens with numerous buildings, bridges, caves, garden benches, arbors and fountains.

Major Sights of the Pena Park

One of the most noticeable features of the Parque da Pena is the large statue of King Fernando II that is positioned on a granite outcrop of rocks approximately half a mile from the palace. The statue is 3 meters and is made of stone apart from the spear which is iron. The statue of King Fernando II lies at the top of the outcrop and is not readily accessible from any of the park’s foot paths.


The highest point of the Serra De Sintra is clearly signed to the south of the Park and provides wonderful views over the colourful palace. This walk takes approximately 30 minutes and reaches a height of 529 meters. To the east of the park are large and deep lakes with an assortment of fish and ducks which are treat as royalty if their hutches are anything to go by!

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