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Obidos Portugal Guide

Obidos is a charming walled and fortified city that lies to the north of Lisbon. The small town sits atop a hill and is fully encircled by an impenetrable wall, while inside is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and traditionally painted houses. Obidos' size means that it can be fully explored in a single day and the express roads makes the town perfect for a day trip. Let us here at be your Obidos guide and show to you this wonderful Portuguese town.

Why Visit Obidos Portugal?

Obidos is a special place, the classical Portuguese town with cobbled streets, multiple miniature churches standing in the shadow of the towering walls. From these walls visitors can walk the perimeter of the town with vistas over the surrounding plains leading to the coast or over the town with its immaculate white washed houses and imposing citadel.

Obidos Guide Extended Introduction

Obidos has always been a fortified town since its formation by the Romans. The defences were greatly enhanced after the 12th century Christian conquest with the walls built to withstand long sieges and mighty the citadel to enforce control of the population. Visitors to Obidos will discover that the town is more than just a fortified town, it is a place of beauty, which arose from the single most import event in Obidos history. The town was a wedding gift from a king to his beloved wife and our Obidos guide will explain the history of the region.


In 1210 King Alfonso II presented Obidos to his new bride, Queen Urraca, and she nurtured as if it were a child. Care was lavished on the buildings, modest but crafted alterations were made and the whole town was made to befit a queen. This single event change Obidos from a garrison town to a royal town and this mentality continues today; little construction has been permitted outside the city walls and the major expressway was forced to be constructed well away from the town.


The allure of Obidos has transformed this small town into a popular and major tourist destination. The magic of Obidos is quickly lost at the weekends as hordes of Spanish coach visitors troop around the cobbled streets and crowd the small cafes. As an independent traveler visitor arrive early or late and forget the summer weekends. Let us here at be your Obidos guide and show you around this beautiful town that is true gem of Portugal.

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