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Sintra Tourist Bus 434

The number 434 bus route is specially designed for tourists who are visiting Sintra as a day trip from Lisbon. The bus service connects Sintra train station with the town centre and the route passes the Pena Palace and Moors castle. The number 434 bus service makes it possible to visit the three palaces of Sintra in a single day. This guide will provide an overview of the Sintra 434 bus and includes tourist information, fare prices and details of the timetable.

Sintra Bus 434 Route

The main tourist attractions of Sintra are spread across the hills of the Serra de Sintra and it is too far to walk between them. Driving in Sintra is not recommended due to the narrow roads and limited car parking.

434 Sintra tourist bus

The 434 Sintra tourist bus

The Sintra Bus 434 performs a one directional loop, which starts at the train station, passes through the town centre, then climbs the hills to the Pena Palace and finally returns to the train station. In the town centre tourists can visit the National Palace, the town hall and explore the traditional shops. The Pena Palace bus stop is at the top of a steep hill and here tourists can visit the Moorish Castle, the Pena Park and the Pena Palace. The final stage of the journey is the return from the Pena Palace back to the train station. The walk from Sintra town centre to the Pena Palace is only 2km but it is up a very steep hill and is a challenging hike. The Sintra bus 434 service is essential for all visitors who only have one day to explore Sintra.

Palacio Nacional da Pena

The flamboyant Pena Palace

The hill roads of Sintra are very narrow, which means that the bus can only travel in one direction. This forces tourists to visit the sights in a set order; the National Palace, the town, the Moorish castle and finally the Pena Palace and park. This order is a slight shame as the highlight of Sintra (the Pena Palace) is visited last and the best location for lunch (the town) is visited early in the day.

Sintra Bus 434 Details Fares and Timetable

The Sintra 434 bus is designed for tourists and is therefore comparatively expensive but this bus service is the only method to discover the Sintra region in one day. A single loop ticket of the 434 bus service costs €5.00. A single section of the route costs €3.00 and an unlimited ticket costs €12.00 – this unlimited ticket is good for visitors who are traveling by bus from Cascais or Estoril. Tickets are purchased from the bus driver and cannot be pre-booked.

Palacio Nacional da Pena

The Moors castle high above Sintra

The bus service is not the most regular of services with a minimum of one bus every 40 minutes, during the summer season a second bus is operates and this reduces the waiting time to 20 minutes. Always confirm the time for the next bus as it can be very frustrating waiting for a long time at a bus stop. The 434 buses are unhurried and do wait at each stop for plenty of time. The first bus of the day is at 10:15 and the last is at 17:00. As the roads are narrow, steep and have switchbacks it is highly advisable for older passengers to sit during the journey. The Sintra tourist bus service is operated by the Scotturb bus company.

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