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  • Historic SintraThe National Palace in the heart of Sintra
  • Scenic SintraThe Panoramic views from Moorish Castle

Sintra Portugal Guide

Sintra Portugal is a picturesque and charming town that makes for an enjoyable day trip from Lisbon or the Cascais Estoril coastline. Sintra is set amidst the cooling pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra and was traditionally a favourite location with the Portuguese nobility and elite. Contained within Sintra are three unique royal palaces and a swathe of other grand or extravagant buildings. Most tourists to Sintra follow the popular one-day trip that visits the Palacio Nacional, the Moors Castle and the Pena Palace but second day is needed to visit the Quinta da Regaleira, Palacio de Monserrate and the Convento dos Capuchos. There is so much in Sintra and this is the reason why it is Lisbon's most popular day trip. Let us here at Sintra-Portugal.com be your Sintra Portugal guide and show to you this fantastic town.

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Sintra Day Trip
Sintra Day Trip

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Travel to Sintra

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Extended Sintra Portugal Guide Introduction

Castelo dos Mouros Sintra

Castelo dos Mouros Sintra

The main attraction of Sintra are the three palaces; the National Palace, the Moors Castle and the stunning Pena Palace. The Gothic styled National Palace stands at the centre of Sintra and the two massive chimneys of the palace are the logo of Sintra. The Palácio Nacional was a royal residence for over 500 years and was a favourite with the Portuguese nobility. The Castelo dos Mouros is the oldest castle in Sintra and was constructed to guard the ancient town. The castle was a ruin for many centuries but in the 19th century was restored as a romantic ruin.


The Palácio Nacional

The Palácio Nacional

The Palácio da Pena is the most stunning of the three palaces in Sintra as it was designed by an artistic king. The palace was designed to reflect an opera; the exterior is painted in vivid colours and there is intricate stone carving along every surface. The interior of the palace has been restored to how it would have looked in 1910, this is the year when the Portuguese royal family where forced in to exile due to the revolution.


These three palaces make for a popular day trip from Lisbon and can be easily seen in one day. Lisbon is connected to Sintra by a reliable and inexpensive train service and a tourist bus links all three palaces and the train station. Sintra is a great day trip from Lisbon and is highly recommended.

More Sights of Sintra

Palácio Nacional da Pena

Palácio Nacional da Pena

There is the beautiful Quinta da Regaleira with its extensive and decorative grounds, the Moghul-inspired Monserrate Palace the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court and the Seteais Palace which has been transformed into a luxury hotel. All of these could take another day to discover, combine this with the pleasant walks Sintra and there is a lot to see, so let our Sintra Guide detail the sights to you. Sintra rightly, is one of the most popular tourist destinations after Lisbon and let us here at Sintra-Portugal.com be your Sintra guide to this wonderful town in Portugal.

Around Sintra Portugal

Sintra is conveniently located close to both Lisbon and the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril. Lisbon is only 30 minutes away by direct train with the station in the centre of the capital. The journey time to the coast is even shorter and there are numerous public bus services. This short distance means that most visitors can discover Sintra as day trips from the excellent accommodation bases of the capital and coast.

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Quinta Regaleira
Quinta Regaleira

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