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Sintra to Praia das Maçãs by Tram

The Sintra tram (Electrico de Sintra) connects Sintra with the resort town of Praia das Maçãs 13km to the west. The Sintra tram uses classic 1930 Brill trams, which slowly trundle down from the hills of the Serra de Sintra to the pretty coastal town. The tram ride is quaint and enjoyable but the number of services is very limited and tend to be very busy in the summer. This guide will provide an overview of the Sintra tram service including ticket prices and timetable.

sintra tram

Riding on the tram to the beach...

Sintra Tram Tourist Information

The tram operates from Friday to Sunday, with an extended summer timetable, but the service is massively reduced in the off season. A single ticket from Praia das Maçãs to Sintra costs €3.00/€2.00/€2.00(adult/child/senior). Tickets are purchased from the driver on entry.

There is just one tram that travels the route and the entire journey time takes 40 minutes. The first tram is at 9:20 (summer season) and supposedly there is a service every 50 minutes but as the tram is regularly delayed the timetable is almost irrelevant later in the day.

The Sintra tram is very popular during the summer and is only able to take 45 passengers, therefore many passengers are either turned away or have very long waits. Luckily Scotturb bus number 441 follows the same route as the tram. In Sintra the tram departs from just outside Museum of Modern Art. Don't expect luxury on the tram, the ride is bumpy, jolty and makes sudden stops, but this is half the fun of the charming old tram.



Further Information about the Eletricos de Sintra

Many older websites state that the Sintra tram is shut, but this is incorrect. The line underwent major repairs in 2011 after a 1km stretch of overhead copper wires was stolen. The tram is in full operation for the 2018 season. The tram runs on narrow gauge (1,000 mm) which are identical to the tram lines used in Lisbon. The Sintra tram was constructed in 1904 but the demand was much less than had been envisaged, so that in 1950s it was all but canceled.

Since the 1990s there has been a revival of the route and today the service is operated by Sintra local council. The majority of the Sintra tram route follows the N375 down from the hills of Sintra then follows the N247 to the beach of Praia das Maçãs. There are 8 stops along the 13km route and the journey descends a total distance of 400m. The tram is operated Municipality of Sintra (Sintra council) who acquired the tramline in 2001.

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