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Sintra Town Hall

Few cities can boast such a flamboyant town hall as Sintra’s but considering the extravagant architecture contained within the city’s boundaries it may not be so surprising. The Camara Municipal de Sintra or the Municipal Council of Sintra is a wonderfully extravagant building. When constructed at the turn of the last century other cities were building bland and imposing town halls but Sintra created a building more inspired by the Disney Castle.

Details of Sintra Town Hall

From a distance visitors will first observe the massive clock tower and spire roof that possibly rivals the Palacio Nacional de Sintra kitchen’s two huge chimneys for sky line dominance. The spire of the Sintra town hall is glazed with reflective green and white tiles displaying motifs of the Portuguese coat of arms. The main spire is flanked by four smaller spires while at the top of the spire is an armillary sphere.

town hall of Sintra

The decorative town hall of Sintra

The extravagance of Sintra town hall does not lessen as visitors get closer to the main structure. The Camara Municipal follows the Manueline style of architecture and includes false battlements and beautiful arched Neo-Manueline styled windows.

This style of architecture was championed by Adas Bermudes and the building follows many of his designs and drawings. The building was completed in 1910 and it must be a pleasure for the council workers of Sintra to be employed in such a wondrous building. The Camara Municipal de Sintra was constructed on the site of the old Chapel of Sao Sebastião.

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